“Plan for the future because that's where you are going to spend the rest of your life.”  Mark Twain


Just what do we mean by ‘sustainability’ ?

Economic, socially responsible and environmentally conscious behaviour go hand in hand here at NMC. These are the three principles that form what we call the ‘three-pillar model’ of sustainability. As a family business, we want to ensure that we can handle whatever the future throws at us, and we are relying on tried and tested values and forward-looking thinking in order to maintain our strong economic position on the road ahead.

We are equally mindful of our social responsibility vis-à-vis our customers, our staff and our shareholders. With future generations uppermost in our thoughts, our focus is very much on the needs and wishes of all our stakeholders. We are helping towards securing sustainable mitigation of climate change and environmental protection at several levels simultaneously.

How does NMC insulation make buildings more sustainable ?

Technical insulation from NMC reduces CO2 emissions, saves energy and gives technical systems a longer lifespan. For example, the CO2 emissions of the average European household can be reduced by more than 5% if its heating and hot water piping are provided with optimum insulation – and this has a positive impact on its carbon footprint. Heat is retained for longer and is used where it is needed. Insulated systems also last longer, because they are sustainably protected against moisture, in particular defrosted water keeping surfaces dry, stopping rust and mould in their tracks.

What sustainable properties do our products offer ?

We have put a lot of effort into designing our manufacturing processes to make thrifty use of precious resources. Our record shows that we have consistently striven to improve our products: as long ago as 1988, we first switched to CFC-free production and then shifted our processes away from HCFCs. This made us pioneers in our industry. A milestone in climate change mitigation came when we converted our manufacture of the quality brands CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX® to NMC NATUREFOAM® in 2016.

Instead of petroleum-based polyethylene, we now use bio-polyethylene derived from sugar cane. This unique composition is supplemented by pre-consumer recycled material. Extra additives help to improve aspects such as insulating values and fire protection. The manufacturing process has completely abandoned any virgin petroleum-based polyethylene, saving finite resources.

NMC sees climate change mitigation as an ever-evolving process. That is why we are constantly working to further optimise our products and manufacturing processes. Our ambition is to achieve the maximum improvements in energy efficiency and to drive down CO2 emissions to the bare minimum.

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