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We stand for sustainable quality made from polyethylene, polyurethane or elastomer foams.


A wide range of closed-cell polyethylene foam products guarantees the right insulation solution

These versatile closed-cell polyethylene foam insulation products have earned their reputation thanks to their low thermal conductivity: CLIMAFLEX® reduces heat losses from distribution systems by up to 80%. The good soundproofing properties offered by the foam material help to reduce knocking and flushing noises from pipework.


Rubber-based flexible insulation for professional use

A low thermal conductivity value, flexibility and high resistance to water vapour diffusion are the features which make INSUL closed-cell insulation stand out. It increases energy efficiency and extends the lifespan of the system insulated, is optimised for various applications and complies with country-specific stipulations in terms of fire behaviour.
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Flexible elastomeric foam insulation

The thermal insulation of heating, plumbing, refrigeration, air-conditioning, storage and pipelines is the easiest and most efficient measure for active energy saving and preservation of the environment. By thermal insulation with AEROFLEX®, energy losses can be avoided with relatively little effort.
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Pipe systems for solar and heat pumps technology

AEROLINE® assures a reliable, effective and economic method of operation for your thermal systems while saving the maximum amount of energy produced. With more than 16 years of experience with solar twin tube line sets and our more than 20 years of experience with AEROFLEX®-closed cell EPDM-insulation in the solar business, be sure, your solar benefits are our concern.
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Self-adhesive PU insulation with PVC sheath

This high-performance PU-based tube insulation cuts heat losses from heating and plumbing. ISOTUBE® benefits from a special PVC sheath, giving it optimum visual appeal and protecting it from damage. The self-adhesive sealing system saves time during fitting.
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