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Two steps to success: enter data, evaluate data, evaluate data. In this way, you can access the precise advantages and dimensions of technical insulation from NMC – by using our

nmc cit online calculation tool

Just click and get started straight away! You can then simply store your individual energy bill as a PDF file.

Our specially developed software gives you exact details of potential energy savings in the given specific case. It is based on defined values supplied by our engineers when installing various tube insulation in cold and hot water networks. You can also use the software to quickly and efficiently calculate the right thicknesses of insulation. For Germany, the standards in the energy saving ordinance (EnEV) are always respected.

To establish data on heating, the main point is to enter rated values and tube lengths. For refrigeration applications, the relative humidity also plays an important role. By entering additional variables, planners can refine their calculations further. Our tool can be used to compute insulation thicknesses for tube insulation as well as sheet products.

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